The 12 Days of Gift Guides: For the Hipster

We all know one. Or we are one. Today… we bequeath the Gift Guide to the hipster. For the items they can say they knew were cool before everybody else.

But I’m not gonna lie… some of these are pretty cool. When I got my new job I seriously considered getting the computer mug. But then I realized I’m too #basic for that. Get me a beanie and that shark Christmas sweater and maybe I’ll reconsider…


1. DIY Viddy Camera  |  2. Cold Bruer Drip Coffee Maker  |  3. Botanicals Coloring Book  |  4. Hipster Owl Print

5. 1920’s Phone  |  6. Computer Mug  |  7. Selfie Album  |  8. Wall Scrabble  |  9. Record Player

10. Shark Ugly Christmas Sweater

Yes, that is actually a selfie album. For the times you just want to look at yourself and a mirror is just not good enough… But don’t just take them with a normal camera. That’s so last year. MAKE your own carmera from cardboard with the Viddy Camera! I’m not going to lie.., that’s pretty cool that technology has come so far that it’s an option to make a camera from cardboard.

Check out last year’s Gift Guide for the Hipster!

But that coloring book? I’ve been looking for a coloring book that had some cool shapes or pictures in it and this one just may be it! Snag me some Crayolas and I’m in for a good night.

With a glass of wine of course.

In my computer mug.    Of course.

The 12 Days of Gift Guides: For the Movie Buff

As a kid, you could often find my family and I conversing almost entirley in movie quotes.  Little did I know that this was not the norm when I eventually grew up and no one knew the lines I was yelling from “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World”. Should I be embarrased by this social faux pas? Not at all. In fact, I’m rather proud of it.

And I’m hoping… if you are anything like me, you have at least one or two people on your holiday list that are the same way as me. Maybe not in movie quotes, but perhaps they are a film student in the making or maybe they love quirky collectibles OR maybe they are the professional-movie-watchers-and-popcorn-eaters-on-a-Friday- night kinda person. Aren’t we all that person sometimes?

Well these items are for those people. The fellow movie lovers out there. Hopefully you’ll find something new and a little out there. I mean, who doesn’t want to sport “Fargo” written across their chest all season?!


1. Awesome Mix Vol 1 from Gaurdians of the Galaxy  |  2. Fargo Sweater  |  3. The Big Lebowski TIME Mirror

4. Muppets Alphabet Print  |  5. “What I Love About Movies” Book  |  6. The Science of Interstellar

7. TCM Classic Movie Trivia  |  8. Science Fiction Star Chart  |  9. Popcorn Maker

10. Movie Slate Board

 All these items make me want to build a big theatre in my home someday. Ahhh dreams. Speaking of dreams, I had a dream about Interstellar the other night. I haven’t seen it but I read an article that the science in it was pretty spot on. So even if you’re a science nut, number 6 just may be for YOU!

And I think I need to become more well versed in my old movies because that TCM trivia game would be so fun. But I should probably finish the ever growing list of old movies I need to watch. And that’s where the popcorn will come in handy;)

Check out last year’s Gift Guide for the Movie Buff! There are still a lot of items I love on that one.

I hope you or someone on your list could go for one or more of these items. But even if they don’t…

The 12 Days of Gift Guides: For the Jokester

I have quite the fan of the gag gifts. Although, I would prefer to GIVE them versus getting them. But I’m sure you can find a few people on your list who like to take advantage of their funny bone. Check out these items! I haven’t decided if I’d rather the inflattable unicorn horn or the Cat-Splosion Sweater more. But think of how perfect they’d be together.

I don’t know if I can handle that much funny in one outfit…


1. Griswold Moose Mugs  |  2. Gravy Flavored Candy Canes  |  3. Catsplosion Sweatshirt  |  4. Oversized Wine Glass

5. Burrito Scented Candle  |  6. Mitten Flask  |  7. Crap To Do List  |  8. Inflatable Unicorn Horn

9. Napsack Decoy Box  |  10. “Happy Birthday Jesus” Sweater

What better way to get ready for the season than donning your new “Happy Birthday Jesus” sweater while smelling the beautiful aroma of a burrito scented candle. And since we love all things savory, you certainly can’t go wrong with a gravy flavored candy cane.

Hope you either make someone laugh with these gifts… or at least don’t offend them too terribly…

The 12 Days of Gift Guides: For the Outdoorsmen

I’ve always loved a good hike or a trip to the upper peninsula to venture out into the wilderness. Unfortunately it doesn’t come often enough. But for those of you who are able to get off the beaten trail a little more often, then this is for you.

Here are some great items to check off your list that will be ideal for any outdorosman or outdoorslady. For me, I think I’m loving the LifeStraw. It purifies lake water, pond water, etc. AS you drink form it. No need to wait 30 minutes to purify your water anymore!



1. Hammock  |  2. Star Map  |  3. Hiking Backpack  |  4. Yosemite T-Shirt  |  5. Polarized Sunglasses

6. Swiss Knife  |  7. LifeStraw  |  8. “Home is Where You Park It” Book

9. FitBit  |  10. BioLite KettlePot

If you are wondering if that little BioLite KettlePot is charging a phone, well then the answer is yes. It cooks your food, warms your drink AND charges. I gotta say, camping gear has come pretty far from your everyday Coleman stove.

And I think it should be a requirement that all outdoorsy people should own a Star Map. I never thought of it before, but now I think it’s a great gift! Instead of naming a star after someone, just get them the whole bunch!

What do you think? Would you go camping with that amazing hammock? And you’re probably wondering why I put another workout band on my list. But I’m starting to think I should add it to my Christmas Wishlist.

It’s the weekend so enjoy the outdoors, friends! No matter how cold it may be out there ;) I won’t be posting tomorrow, as it’s Sunday and I am going to relax. But I’ll see back here on Tuesday for the next Gift Guide!


The 12 Days of Gift Guides: For the Blogger

Did you think I forgot about you? Not a chance. Today is all about the blogger. We’re all in this together so I figured I’d give you a few things to add to your wish list. Or to get for you blogging friends out there.

Whether it’s gear for your camera or gear for your desk I think I’ve got you covered today!


1. Eat. Blog. Love. Mug  |  2. Camera Strap  |  3. Day Planner  |  4. Keep Calm & Blog On Shirt

5. Vase of Faux Flowers  |  6. Camera Lens  |  7. Tablet Case  |  8. “A Beautiful Mess” Blog Class

9. Lap Desk  |  10. iPhone Tripod Mount & Stand

I’ve been trying to hunt down a good planner for a while now so I’ve been happy to find this one from The Grommett. For a more affordable planner I found some really great options at Blue Sky. They have so many to choose from!

And if you haven’t visit the girls over at A Beautiful Mess then you are seriously missing out on some blogging gold. Great tips/advice and some very creative ideas for around the house! But when you are not feeling like doing anything around the house but being lazy, grab your new nifty lap desk, lounge in front of the TV with a glass of wine and blog away!

Last year I didn’t post anything for the blogger, just some items for the Workaholic but you can find those great ideas right here!

Happy blogging, friends!

The 12 Days of Gift Guides: The Gadget Lover

I’ll admit. Some of these items are just plain bizarre. But that’s precisely why I chose them. A lot of these are not going to be the average gift you get for your grandma who is learning who “Siri” is. But they will be for that person who likes the odd things in life. Perhaps they want to listen to music from a mushroom light? Bluetooth style? Well look no further.

And although I don’t wear cuff links, having a Wifi HotSpot attached to your wrist at all times is pretty darn convenient. Especially if you are the traveling type.

And okay, okay, I know what you are wondering. How is a ring a gadget? Well you are just going to have to check it out to see!

So take a gander!

 Gadget Lover1. UrbanEars Headphones (Washable)  |  2. Mushroom LED Lamp (Bluetooth)  |  3. 3D Writing Pen  |  4. Polaroid Camera

5. Jawbone Fitness Tracker  |  6. Gorillapod Tripod  |  7. Ringly Ring  |  8. Wifi HotSpot Cuff Links

9. Electric Paper Airplane  |  10. Photo Cube Printer for iPhone/Android

So tell me. Now that you’ve seen the gadgets? What do you like the best?! Are you like David and hinting at a Jawbone every few days? But me? I’ll take that bendy tripod. Now that would be nifty for blogging and then some! However I think I’ll hold on the ring. I’m already having issues “unplugging” as is. But it sure is cute!

Here is last years Gift Guide for the Gadget Lover for more gifting ideas. Happy Thursday!

The 12 Days of Gift Guides: For the Kids

Who’s next, you say? Well the kids of course! This season is covered in deals on toys everywhere you go. But I for one would not want to brave the stores alone as I fight amongst the other parents for that one item that my kid just had to have. But since I don’t have kids, I just get to help all you parents out there find something unique for your little kiddles and maybe spare some of your sanity.

Your welcome.


1. Bow & Arrow Set  |  2. Kids Digital Camera & Projector  |  3. Wooden Frog Bowling Set  |  4. Teeter Totter

5. Rolling Children’s Car  |  6. Crayola Paint Maker Kit  |  7. Cupcake Shower Cap  |  8. Secret Formula Lab Kit

9. 4 in 1 Game Table  |  10. Inflatable Boxing Gloves

Now every little kid can be a Katniss this year! And I apologize to all you parents ahead of time for suggesting that you buy your kids a boxing set. It seemed like a good idea at the time…

When do you become too old for cupcake shower caps? Never. That’s when. Get something for your kids, your niece, your nephew, or even yourself. Let me know what you think! Or in this case… what your kids think…

Now excuse me while I go try on my new shower cap…

Check out last year’s Gift Guides for Kids here!

The 12 Days of Gift Guides: For the Chef

For day 2 of the Gift Guides, we are focusing on that one person on your list who loves to cook. Or if you are anything like me, that one person on your list who loves to eat.

All the items on the list below are priced really well! Which made them all the more necessary to get on this Gift Guide. So if you are thinking of a gift for little ole’ me (**hint hint David**), I sure do love crème brûlée!


1. Macaron Kit  |  2. Kitchen Aid Hand Mixer  |  3. Crème Brûlée Set  |  4. “Girl in the Kitchen” Cookbook

5. Choco-Chip Peanut Butter  |  6. Gourmet Salt Collection  |  7. Non- Stick Egg Poacher

8. Muffin Top Muffin Cups  |  9. “This is a Cookbook” Cookbook  |  10. Santa Oven Mitt

 You guys. Those muffin-top muffin cups are equal parts funny and cute. I love/want them. What a wonderful invention.

And that peanut butter? That’s right, you read right. It really is Chocolate Chip Cookie Peanut Butter. Your welcome. I feel like everyone has a someone on their list who either loves to cook or likes the idea of cooking. Either way there is something for them here. Last year’s Gift Guide for the Chef may also give you some ideas!

Shop on, little chefs!

P.S. See you tomorrow for another Gift Guide ;)